Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jim Brassard-Chest Workout Pushup Power

Re-Discover the ONE Exercise that can Murder Body Fat, Increasing Muscle Tone and Strength, while carving out your Six-Pack Abs!!

Here's some more that you will learn / gain from this incredible and unique course:

Incredible handstand exercises that doubles your strength almost instantly!
How to Rocket launch you upper body strength!
How pushups condition your "core" (abdominals, lower back) and why this is important for improvement in sports and all types of strength training!
If you’re a Martial Artist of any type, the exercises in this course will not only increase your power, BUT SPEED AS WELL!!!
Packs fit and functional muscle onto your entire body - strengthening weaknesses you've never been able to reach.
You'll have an explosive type of strength that weights cannot give you. Your every movement will be lively and full of vigor and tenacity.
Doubles your functional, useable strength in record time. If you use weights you’ll notice a 10 to 30% increase in strength within 30 days!!!
These routines will help eliminate back pain while strengthening it. Say “goodbye” to back problems.
The SECRET method on how to do 100 pushups in a row and how to achieve it within 30 days or less!!!! Pumping out these many pushups says a lot about your strength and endurance.
Learn over 50 different variations of pushups never put together in one course.
Can’t do a pushup??? No worries, I’ve included some drills that will fix that in no time.
AND THEN!!! The “Holy Grail” routine of this
course… ONLY revealed in it, and how you can
achieve it if you follow my instructions!!!
When you can perform this routine, you will see that you have acquired the strength to do many other exercises that you could never before.
Jim Brassard

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